Responsive Web Design Tutorial for Beginners

Responsive Web Design Tutorial for Beginners

Previously, the desktop or the work area was the main thing to see the site, so the engineers used to make sites for a fixed size. The measurements which were set at first didn’t require changes later regardless of which screen estimate you pick.

The possibility of a Responsive Web Design came when a huge amount of gadgets went into the computerized world. Before this new technology, clients did not need to pull in a great deal of exertion to explore sites on various gadgets. Now they need to zoom and click on the suggestion to act button, see here and there and want the site to work perfectly. It some of the time disturbs them since they need to hang tight ache for the pages to stack and responsive web design solves the issue for the clients.

What are Responsive Web Designs?

The globe is going versatile, and if the clients can’t discover you there, they even might drop your business out from their rundown. Responsive Web Design is a methodology in which a site is enhanced for any gadget paying little heed to the screen measure. It is an accumulation of strategies to improve the client experience on any gadget they pick. It makes the substance lucid and gives a simple route to the site. Pictures become movable to the gadget, clients can profit the quick stacking time and can without much of a stretch swipe over to see different sections.

So, the synopsis: Responsive Web Designs can modify consequently to your gadget paying little mind to the screen resolution and size.

It has turned out to be vital to make your website architecture responsive in light of the fact that individuals are unfathomably utilizing brilliant gadgets to see web content. Additionally, Google pulls back sites from its main page that aren’t portable inviting. In this way, if you really need your site to be internet searcher cordial you have to concentrate on its responsive nature.

To make a website composition responsive, you really do not have to investigate where they demand fees, just invest a plentiful energy searching and learning on the web. You can accomplish responsiveness in the event that you pursue these essential advances. We should make a plunge!

Instructions to make a Responsive Web Design

1) Set Up the Viewpoint

You know the property viewpoint meta tag was initially designed by Apple company when they originally confronted an issue in changing the substance to the gadget. Later on, this act was embraced by Android gadgets as well. It helps you to transform your site into a Responsive Web Design by altering the width of the substance to the width of the gadget. To set viewpoint incorporate this meta tag in the <head>

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> Like this. And you can also add other things in the content part of the meta viewpoint, like maximum scale, minimum scale, etc.

2) Make HTML Framework

Characterize the structure of a site by setting page designs with content holder, header, footer, and a sidebar. You can likewise incorporate route components and pictures in HTML framework if you want or whenever it’s required.

3) Explain your Media Queries

Viewports and media queries are the key components to fabricate a responsive website design. These questions bring incredible outcomes and are very easy to execute as well. To make your site open to all gadgets you have to characterize device properties and rules in the media inquiry. It tends to be embedded into a site page HTML, or you can utilize a different CSS record that is connected to the site page. This is how you write these media queries:

@media screen and (max-width: 992px) { , pretty simple, right? You can also add a different dimension’s measurement to make it more adjustable.

4) Responsive Pictures

For an RWD, it is imperative to scale pictures and recordings as indicated by the screening estimate. The best act is to enhance the picture for the most extreme size required, at that point set up a CSS selector that focus on the pictures. Characterize the width and height in your media query utilizing the maximum width rule.

5) Test your RWD site

Finally, when you’ve concluded your website, test on various gadgets and observe if it’s working the way you want it to work.


The exponential growth within the shrewd devices is making responsiveness a compulsory factor. Because the digital transformation is obtaining a gigantic area, responsive design is the important thing to stay forward of your opponents and remain in the competition.

In this article, we’ve written an easy tutorial for novices if they’re looking to make their internet design responsive. We hope it was helpful and fun for you. If you need any guidance in responsive web designing or have any concerns for your site, contact MangoTech Solutions for all kinds of web designing services in Karachi.

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